10 practical wedding hacks every bride should know

By Book My Wed November 22, 2023

Wedding hacks are something that will help you a lot on your big wedding day. Read the rest to learn how. As you know, a wedding is a very big day in our lives. Every bride has dreamt of making their wedding like a fairy tale, which every other guest can remember for the rest of their lives.

And it all started with proper wedding planning. Wedding planning is no doubt exciting, but at the same time, it's a very crucial and hectic task too. But don't worry, these wedding hacks can make your wedding planning journey so much easier and stress-free that you can do this in a very enjoyable manner.

10 practical wedding hacks every bride should know

1: Start planning early:

Starting your wedding planning journey early can give you an extra edge and time to do things the right way. In that extra time, you can research the best and most cost-effective vendors, caterers, and decorators as per your wedding theme and budget.

2: Set a budget: 

Setting up a wedding budget is the first thing to do in wedding planning; without a budget, you can't think about further processes. So, first plan or set your budget, then dig down to the further wedding planning process.

3: Keep your expectations low:

During planning, you should be practical; you don't need to make your wedding like you have seen in Bollywood; those scenes are just assumptions, and it is very hard to create something like that. You also have to be very rich in terms of money as well as power. So, first, you need practical thinking to create something big in your terms, not what you have seen in the movies.

4: Manage the guest list early: 

Counting and making guest lists is a very important hack to get an exact idea of how much is needed to spend on food and venues.

5: Try both offline and online markets: 

Don't rely on a single mode of shopping; try and compare both offline and online markets to get actual prices because some products are cheaper offline and some are cheaper online. So, shop both offline and online.

6: Try to select packages:

Try to choose a venue that offers all things in one package, like decoration, catering, and venue charges, all in one package. These packages cost you comparatively less than getting all the things separately.