Best place in Guwahati to consider for your bachelorette

By Team Bookmywed October 08, 2021

Every “to be a bride” has dreamt about having a bachelorette at least once. After all, it's a must-attend event in a bride's life, an opportunity to make the most of her single days before bidding goodbye to them. It's about spending quality time with your girl gang as much as it is about celebrating the start of a new journey. The memories you create will last a lifetime, and you will most likely share them with your girlfriends in the future.

So, take a break from the wedding planning and plan a bachelorette party with your closest friends. Relax and enjoy yourself.

To make life simpler for you, during the hustle and bustle of wedding preparations, here are some suggestions for locations to explore for your

Bachelorette party in Guwahati 

1)Terra Maya 

 Hands down one of the best places in Guwahati to spend some quality time with your close peeps. Located at Anil Plaza, GS Road, Guwahati, this pub has three different sections- Amaltas-the restaurant, the Lounge, and The Blue Verandah. The Blue Verandah offers a relaxing seating space and stunning skyline views of the city. The ambiance of the place is lively, and the interior features gorgeous lighting and plush seating.  

Terra Maya has a great bar with a large variety of drinks, catering to every taste. The hype regarding the food is real and it offers some of the best food you will taste in Guwahati. 

Location:  Anil Plaza - II, 6th, 2, GS Rd, Tarun Nagar, Guwahati, Assam 781006

2)The Socialite 

 Another great destination for your bachelorette. Whether it be the spectacular well-crafted interiors set in ambiance against the dim night lighting, or the classic pool table, or the fun and a quirky groovy dance floor that will get your adrenaline levels rising, you will be swept up by the charm of this place. 

The venue is located at an easy-to-reach place by any means of transportation. The food is good and the drinks are refreshing and well-stocked. Overall, it is a great place for an electrifying night out with your friends. 

Location: Tirupati Tower, 3rd, GS Rd, Purvadoy, Guwahati, Assam 781005

3)Exoro- The Rooftop Pub 

 Exoro- The Rooftop Pub is a relatively new entry in the string of pubs in Guwahati that has won many hearts since its inception. 

The clever blend of modern and retro-industrial design elements along with contrasting lighting arrangements gives this place a heavenly ambiance and just this alone sets the mood for a great night out. 

The food is appetizing and the drinks are priced reasonably. You will especially love the bar area and the rooftop seating arrangements are just as wonderful as they sound. What’s more, they even have a girl’s night out with free beers. Overall, a great destination for your bachelorette. 

Location:  4th Floor, Roodraksh Mall, Bhangagarh, GS Rd, Guwahati, Assam 781005

4)Freemason’s Brew works


Freemason’s brew works is one of the unique party places in Guwahati that is home to the largest German microbrewery in Guwahati. 

A great mix of German Beer Garden inspired interiors and contemporary designs sets the mood and makes the place look cozy and classy in a unique way. The place also offers corridor seating with stunning views of the entire mall and the brewery plant, while the live performances fills you with much-needed energy as you enjoy the wide variety of their special and people’s favorite craft beer and cocktails.

Needless to say, their food is one of the best in Guwahati and you should absolutely try the Ceaser salad and Chicken breast steak 


Location: 5th Floor, City Center Mall, GS Rd, near Apollo Hospital, Guwahati, Assam 781005

5)Dunkin Oza

 An energetic crowd, delicious cocktails, and mouth-watering snacks await you at Guwahati's Dunkin Oza bar. You can absolutely count on the amazing Bollywood music that is played at this pub to refresh you and get you into a party mood in no time, and because different genres of music are played each night the night outs never gets boring here. 

If you are looking for a wild night with a great crowd you should definitely visit Dunkin Oza on the weekends and be a part of the locals' wild nightlife! 

Show off your dancing skills, enjoy great cocktails, great music, and mouth-watering food at one of the best pubs in Guwahati.


Location: GS Rd, opp. Pantaloons Down Town, Rukmini Gaon, Guwahati, Assam 781036

6. NYX Lounge & Deck


For partygoers in Guwahati, NYX is a well-known name. The place is named after the Greek goddess of the night and is beloved by many and revered by Guwahati.

It is Northeast's first poolside lounge, serving the best handmade cocktails, delightful appetizers, and delectable main dishes which has stood the test of time for almost 5 years attracting both youth and aged alike.

The modern and cozy interiors and the soothing ambiance offers a great place to have a pleasant drink with your friends and family outside the hustle and bustle of city life or to chill out and dance away your stress.

Overall, if you want to enjoy a relaxing bachelorette with the best international and domestic cocktails, a wide variety of toothsome international dishes, and a welcoming environment filled with “NYX’s” power, this is the place to be.  


Location: Hotel Palacio, G.S. Road, Opp. Farm Gate, Khanapara

Guwahati, 781022

7. Nuts & Brew


Considered as one of the best 5-star pubs in Guwahati, Nuts & Brew is well known for great food, a lit crowd, a beautiful ambiance topped with stunning views of the city, and great hospitality. 

The pub offers a beautiful terrace and a big dance floor with amazing live performances and a chance to burn the dance floor with your moves. 

The modern aesthetic of this place and a night-time view of the city skyline like none other makes the pub addicting in its own way. They offer great handcrafted beers and gourmet cuisines to die for and if we include the amazing ambiance of the local and international live events, which are a common sight at the pub Nuts & Brew becomes the best place to socialize, enjoy and have a good time at your bachelorette party.   

Don’t forget to try their special beer Belgium Blance and their signature dish Bhutjolokia spicy chicken to make your night spicier.

8. Hardrock cafe


If you are into Rock music this one is for you, dedicated to all those who love and are passionate about music, the hard rock cafe is a great combination of great food, great music, and fantastic ambiance.

Being an American brand the cafe very nicely combines the culture and food of both regions which is visible in their food and interior designs.

The cafe features a very interesting design combination of Retro vibes, modern and plush seating with a pinch of Assamese styles. They are well known for serving large portions for their patrons to sit together, share and socialize over a great variety of American dishes, offering one of the best nachos dishes in the city.

It’s the best place to relish in your favorite American cuisines including Burgers, Handcrafted cocktails, and salad while listening to the amazing music played by live bands and enjoying delicious cocktails and shots while looking at one of the best collections of music memorabilia displayed in Guwahati. 

Now that you’ve gathered your ideas, it’s time to enjoy your bachelorette party with your girlfriends, and don’t forget to have a blast to make memories that will be cherished for the rest of your lives.