Indian Wedding Dresses for Men

By Book My Wed July 14, 2023

Indians celebrate weddings in a very grand way. Indian Weddings are known for their auspicious rituals, traditional customs, and warm extravagance in celebration of love. Indians celebrated weddings for almost 2 or 3 days, where many auspicious pre-wedding rituals were happening, like haldi functions, mehndi functions, Sangeet functions, etc.

In those 2 or 3 days, the most stressful task is finding an outfit for these rituals and for the wedding. It is more hectic when you are finding Indian wedding dresses for men because men's dress options are comparatively fewer than for women, and from those fewer options, you have to find the best one that looks as grand as your weeding.

If you are facing these difficulties, then you are in the right article, where I am discussing Indian Wedding Dresses for Men:

Indian Wedding Dresses for Men


Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage Indian Wedding Dresses for men included sherwanis, men's Jodhpuri suits, kurta Kurta Pyjama set and all, which were worn long ago.

In today's cultural environment, as the fashion industry and designers are evolving, the demand for vintage Indian Wedding Dresses is very high in the market. Designers gave it a modern touch and made it as grand as traditional wear looked in ancient times. Some of those designs are


Men's Jodhpuri Suit

Jodhpuri Suits are generally formal Indian closed-neck suits, worn with matching colour (men's Jodhpuri coat pant set) or light colour trousers, a silk pocket square, and a matching colour or similar colour round collar Shirt. You can try it with the closed or open button, as per your preference.

Image Source : IndiaMART

As the name suggests, this suit originated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. This dress piece looks so cultural and royal, and that's why it's generally worn on Royal and grand-type weddings to match the perfect royal vibe of the event.

Indian Wedding Sherwani 

Sherwani is the most common and beautiful clothing piece, which one can wear on traditional occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. It gives off a bold and traditional look, which can perfectly match the vibes of an Indian wedding.

Kurta pyjama set

Kurta pyjama sets are a very common and simple outfit that one can wear on formal occasions. It's a very versatile outfit that you can wear on almost every Indian occasion, like weddings, festivals, anniversary parties, receptions, traditional parties, etc. It has very old-school, traditional looks, which can definitely stand out in the crowd.

Image Source : Flipkart

Bandhgala designer wedding suit

Technically, bandhgala is nothing but Jodhpuri design, but a different Hindi name (bandhgala) means closed neck like Jodhpuri. You can wear it with matching colour trousers like a bandhgala suit set or with different light colour trousers or pyjamas and with a matching colour or similar light colour band collared shirt. You can try it with the closed or open button, as per your preference.

Image Source : Pinterest

Kurta Jacket Set

Kurta jacket set: you can wear a traditionally embroidered jacket or a blazer with kurtas. It enhances the overall look of the kurta pyjama and gives a traditional yet cool vibe on formal occasions like weddings.

 Image Source : She Bazaar

Latest Indian Wedding Dresses for Men

As the fashion industry evolves, the fashion designers also evolve; they try to make something different with the existing traditional attires like Sherwani with pagdi and dupatta, etc. And these are some of the latest Indian Wedding dress experiments by fashion designers.

Pastel-colored wedding formal Suit

You can try this latest Manish Malhotra pastel-coloured formal suit combined with a matching or similar-coloured ruffled bowtie and lilac shirt to enhance the overall look of the groom, which gives a charming, classy vibe.

Image Source : Manish Malhotra

Printed Kurta joggers Set with matching dupatta

If you want to look different yet classy at the same time, then you should definitely try this Printed Kurta jogger Set with matching dupatta. This printed colour and the lower joggers give a very trendy, unique, and different look, and the dupatta maintains the traditional vibe of the attire and looks like a very trendy yet traditional design or match.

Image Source : Punit Balana

Coloured Suit

If you are tired of seeing that black and white suit again and again, then you should definitely play with some colours in suits. The coloured suit gives you a unique and cool look that people can remember for a long time. But I recommend you choose a variety of known colours to maintain the classic vibe and to have a cool look instead of a weird one.