Why a good decor makes all the difference to your wedding.

By Team Bookmywed December 04, 2021

Designing a Wedding- Why a good decor makes all the difference to your wedding.

Weddings are larger than life events in India. In fact, among all the weddings all over the world, Indian Weddings can rightfully claim to be the most enthusiastic of the bunch. And decorations play a huge part in that. Decorations are the limelight of a wedding. Just like the jewellery adorning a bride a good decoration enhances the beauty of a wedding. After all it is the first thing that greets your guests when they arrive at the wedding venue. They set the mood of the wedding. Wedding decor have evolved a lot since the early days and they continue to do so. New and quirky decoration ideas pop up in the vast plethora of weddings that take place around the country every day. Influenced by the multitude of cultures they often take distinct forms related to that place. So, it is definitely something you should focus on for your big day. To give you some motivation here are some of the reasons why

1)      Decorations are a stage to unleash your quirky ideas

Yes, any unique idea you come up with for your wedding, decorations help you express it. Say, for example the DIY chalkboard writings. They were initially only common in western countries but have now found their way into Indian weddings. And they are here to stay. It doesn’t have to be anything too flashy or extravagant, it can be any random decoration idea you want to see in your wedding, just give it your own twist and make it a part of your wedding.

2)      Decorations set the vibe of the wedding

Yes, you know it, we know it, everybody knows it, the value of the first impression. Suppose you are standing at a crossroad. Two diverging paths in front of you go all the way to your destination, one littered and one clean. Which one will you take? Obviously the clean one, right? Although this analogy is not exactly perfect it is enough to express the essence of what we are trying to say. A good decoration leaves a good first impression on your guests setting a happy mood for the rest of the wedding.

3)      Good decoration doesn’t mean burning a hole in your pockets

Yep, you heard it right. A good decor is not equivalent to an extravagant spending of money. You can easily get a good decor on an affordable price. An exotic destination venue is the one that costs money. What a good decoration actually require are two simple things unique ideas and a good decor team. So, what you got to do is find an experienced planner and a good decor team and properly communicate with them. Tell them about your ideas and wishes, what and how you want it. Talk to them about your budget and with proper cooperation and planning you will have in your hand a beautiful and exotic decoration.

4)      You can express your love through the decorations

You already know about the interests of your other half, so why not arrange a decor based on that. It will be an icing to the cake on your most memorable day. It can be based on a book, movie or anything you enjoy doing together the most. You can select any theme and base your decor on that. Recently India has seen a lot of unique theme weddings from Disney to Harry Potter.

5)      Flowers and lighting- quintessential part of any decoration

This may seem like a bland reason for a good decoration motivation for your wedding but it is one of the most practical ones. No wedding is complete without good lighting and flowers. Both are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and flowers also play a primary role in Indian wedding rituals. So, you are bound to invest in them. So, why not make your investment more meaningful? Talk to your wedding planner to come up with unique flower decoration ideas. Believe us when we say that natural things exude far more beauty than artificial ones. Also don’t forget about the lighting. After all weddings are as much as a night affair as a daytime celebration. So, with these reasons make sure you properly invest in decorations. Weddings are not everyday affairs. They hold a special significance in your life and mark the beginning of a new journey with your loved one. So, don’t hesitate and give it your all. We hope that you have a blissful married life.